Harmony Dies - Impact

11 songs
34:55 minutes
***** **


Harmony Dies are probably one of the oldest German death metal bands. Considering their rather little notoriety, it's a surprise to see them still around. I remember them from their first mini-CD back in the mid-Nineties, when they showed already that you don't have to be a megaband to play some bonecrushing death metal. Impact must be their third or fourth full album by now, and again it's a very solid effort of merciless metal.

The opening scream on Narcotic brings to mind Slayer's Angel Of Death, whereas the guitar chord from Inside could be found on any early Death album, which makes it very clear: Harmony Dies are dedicated to take-no-prisoners death metal, and the songs seldom make it over three minutes. There is not room for subtleties, but then who needs that here? Apart from the short InstruMetal, most songs are highspeed metal of a relentless quality that makes it perfect to headbang to.

I doubt that Harmony Dies will make it to the top with this album, but more important is that they not only are still true to their roots, but also follow their road with a strong conviction. Not for the feeble-minded or those looking for harmonies. 7 points!

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