HATE SQUAD - DegŁello Wartunes

Hate Squad - DegŁello Wartunes

11 songs
47:33 minutes
***** **
Dockyard 1


Right on time for their fifteenth anniversary, Hannover’s Number One hardcore band Hate Squad are back with a new album, even though it’s only their fourth longplayer. Hate Squad have never been one of the busiest bands, considering that their last album H8 For The Masses has been released four years ago.

But then I get somehow the impression that Hate Squad have no feeling for time anyway. The bizarrely titled DegŁello Wartunes is 100% old school, stylistically located somewhere between hardcore and thrash metal, and would probably have sounded just the same had it been released fifteen years earlier. You won’t get any surprises, the band prefers to stick to their basics. The songs all get to the point instantly, combining upbeat attacks with groovy mosh parts. There is an underlying aggressive ambience, the vocals are full of hatred, and still you can find occasionally hints of melodies.

Sometimes Hate Squad prove themselves as excellent songwriters, forcing me to point out the absolutely thrashy Rivers Of Blood, the gloomy At The End Alone and the grooving epic Hannover H8core. There are a few more good songs, but about a third of the material is only average. This band is certainly more impressive in a live setting than in the studio where the spark doesn’t always want to ignite. Despite some convincing moments, Hate Squad’s music hasn’t entirely passed the test of time.

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