HOODS - Pray For Death

Hoods - Pray For Death

14 songs
25:05 minutes


If you really want to spend some bad time, I suggest you listen to Hoods new album Pray For Death. The 14 short outbursts are full of negative emotions, and if you bother to read the lyrics, you wonder if these guys are even able to have a good time.

Anyway, apart from their negativity, Hoods also don't convince me with their music. As their label specialises at the moment on melodic hardcore and extreme emo, their very old-school sound seems a bit dated. All of those who still yearn for the so-called good, old times when Sick Of It All and Madball were the fashion of the day, should risk an ear with Pray For Death, but if you want something more subtle, then Hoods' steamhammer methods may leave you cold. With a running time of only 25 minutes, the songs don't even average two minutes.

This is not really a bad album, but it's certainly not above average. The short running time makes you also think twice if you should spend the money for a regular album.

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