I AM ABOMINATION - To Our Forefathers

I Am Abomination - To Our Forefathers

10 songs
39:32 minutes
***** ***
Good Fight


The band name lets you expect uttermost evil black metal or metalcore, but fortunately the five musicians from Michigan have to offer much more on their debut To Our Forefathers, which has become a mature and varied album combining elements of post hardcore, metal and emo in an intelligent way.

Even though the juxtaposition of wild breakdowns and plenty keyboards might seem contradictory at a first glance, this unusual mix gives the music a certain progressive touch. It’s striking that the band doesn’t need any growls, but prefers melodic vocal lines that even don’t disturb at the times when they use a lot of pathos. The only song with harder vocals is Rock n’ No Soul where they employ the services of guest vocalist Dave Stephens from We Came As Romans. The songwriting is also far above average, even though everything sounds very trendy. The band manages flawlessly to strike a balance between power, pop and sweet emo parts. The songs are full of pace changes that prevent any feelings of fatigue to surface, even towards the end of the record. Some tracks are a little more commercial and have the potential for radio airplay, with Thoughtcrime Is Death and Element 151 having all it takes to be released as singles.

To Our Forefathers is an album custom-made for the American market, and will probably find most of its audience among younger people, but also older Europeans should find time to invest into this promising young band. Those who are into artists like Misery Signals, Blessthefall and The Devil Wears Prada are at the right address here, even though I Am Abomination happen to sound less extreme.

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