ICARUS WITCH - Songs For The Lost

Icarus Witch - Songs For The Lost

10 songs
46:41 minutes
Cruz Del Sur


Until now I have never been disappointed by a band signed on this Italian label, but Pittsburgh traditional metal band Icarus Witch are just not able to keep that high level on their second album. Too strongly rooted in the Eighties, Icarus Witch never seem to know if they rather want to Americanise the classic NWOBHM sound, or take the easy road into radio-friendlier AOR territory. But wait, it was more than twenty years ago when you could impress people with that genre. Today it’s a niche on its own, and as comfortable as the Pennsylvanians may feel there, hiring hair metal legend Joe Lynn Turner for a remake of Def Leppard’s Mirror Mirror shows too clearly that no innovation was intended here.

Their label mates either come up with witty anachronisms (Ignitor) or a revivalist attitude that makes even pale their idols (Slough Feg), but Icarus Witch don’t seem keen to indulge into more playful songwriting. Instead you get trademark ingredients like Maidenesque solos and harmonies, Eighties styled hard rock vocals and a songwriting that is as often set in weary mid-tempo rhythms as in more upbeat patterns. The longer, Poe inspired House Of Usher shows the band from a more progressive side that fits them much better than their too frequent hair metal approach, and you’d wish that in the future they would concentrate on their strengths. Even the concluding acoustic ballad Smoke And Mirrors has enough mystic qualities to make it a highlight on the album.

This time I can only hand out half of the available points, and strongly hope that Icarus Witch will reconsider their influences for their third album and surprise us with a more superior take at classic heavy metal.

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