ICE AGES - Buried Silence

Ice Ages - Buried Silence

10 songs
55:00 minutes
***** *


Protector aka Richard Lederer must have felt bored in Austria in the mid-Nineties, or how can you explain that he started more or less simultaneously three different bands. Best known of these are Summoning, an epic black metal band, and Die Verbannten Kinder Evas who combine darkwave with neo-classicism. Ice Ages is his solo project, and he always seem to get back there whenever he finds the time on his busy schedule. Eight years after his last Ice Ages album, Buried Silence is now his third full-length record under that name.

I took some time getting used to his clinical approach. Maybe it isn’t such a good idea to release an industrial darkwave album in high summer, because Ice Ages’ songs feel colder and more threatening than the worst winter I can remember. The three minute intro feels more like a fitting instrumental introduction, because the following songs use more or less the same recipe: brooding keyboards and martial programmed beats create a soundtrack for the end-times. There are no guitars, so don’t even expect this to sound like a rock album. Although Mr Lederer can’t deny his background, as at times you feel reminded of the mock marching music sound of Rammstein, and the beats occasionally could be taken from the first Type O Negative CD when they were still violent. The keyboards use eerie sounds that you wouldn’t always expect on a darkwave album. Instead of romanticism, you get something which sounds like German techno music played at a quarter speed only, with processed vocals announcing anything but good news.

I can’t say that Buried Silence is a pleasant album, but then that was certainly not the intention. Richard Lederer’s uncompromising approach and his relentless grip on stylish darkness finally make this record something special, which can be used as the soundtrack for your worst nightmares. Maybe the rating would have been higher, had the CD been released six months earlier or later.

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