ICE IN MY EYES - Ice In My Eyes

Ice In My Eyes - Ice In My Eyes

10 songs
37:42 minutes
***** ****


It seems a little unfair that Ice In My Eyes are often considered the successor of Metro. Both bands only share one member: songwriter and vocalist Olivier Treinen who of course once again manages to put his mark on the product. The other musicians of Ice In My Eyes used to play in bands like Pan Tau, Inborn, Hal Flavin and The Asteroids.

The debut album is simply self-titled and offers ten entertaining tracks that make it to nearly forty minutes. The opener Distracted is a great mix of post rock and indie pop that feels very pleasant and catchy, making me hungry for more. Other standout tracks are Idle Love and the single Move that both had been already released digitally last year. It is obvious that the band likes to draw on the pop music from the Eighties, packing it of course in a more contemporary setting. The use of piano and organ fits perfectly with Ice In My Eyes’ overall sound, adding a soul vibe that reminds me a little of Style Council. Further highlights are Shallow and We Were Strangers where one gets the impression as if the band were jamming with Ben Folds. Ice In My Eyes also don’t shy away from a gloomier, more melancholic side, again not hiding their Eighties roots. A stranger track is the quiet lo-fi track Santa Fe with its great organ part. Only A Thousand Plateaus felt a little less spectacular but doesn’t mar the overall impression.

Ice In My Eyes have delivered a very solid debut album, and they definitely don’t have to hide behind Metro. So maybe the über-hits à la She Went Under are still missing, but Ice In My Eyes still have a lot of time ahead of them to make up for that in the future. Until then I can only recommend that you keep your eyes and ears on this highly promising quartet.

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