ICHOR - Depths

Ichor - Depths

11 songs
42:03 minutes
***** **


Death metal band Ichor from Trier has been active since 2008 and has just now released its third album Depths, coming a long four years after its predecessor Benthic Horizon.

After a short intro, the five guys let it all out in a most uncompromising way. A first impression might be to call this just noise, as the vocals are some of the most evil growls ever. Closer listening will reveal though that the songs have been arranged rather smartly. Nevertheless Ichorís sound is more often raw than complex, which should not be a problem for a death metal band though. The Heretic King is the exception to the rule with its more playful sounds which is highlighted by the melodic interaction of the two guitars. Unlike in the bandís past, the metalcore component has been neglected this time, and only the concise Deny Your God may appeal to the deathcore faction. Ichor also have a slower side, which is most obvious on the long When Giants Sleep. This track is rather slow paced and comes with a dark mood that is no less brutal than the bandís faster material. Sampled whale songs make for a pleasant surprise. Desire Of The Depth heads into a similar direction, and the albumís outro is a piano piece that has been performed by one of the band members.

The lyrics deal with mythological topics about an underwater world, as on the preceding albums. This has gone so far that some of the band members even had taken some diving lessons.

Despite some cool ideas, Ichor donít add anything groundbreakingly new to a genre which is currently swarming with interesting bands. That doesnít prevent Depths from being a very decent death metal album that can certainly be recommended. Letís hope that these guys will have the stamina to make it last.

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