ICON IN ME - Human Museum

Icon In Me - Human Museum

11 songs
46:47 minutes
***** ***


It’s quite unusual to come across a band consisting of members from Sweden and Russia. Icon In Me rose from the ashes of Russian metal band Hostile Breed. They recruited to Swedes who also were not inactive in the past. Vocalist Tony was in Transport League and Mnemic, drummer Morten played with Hatesphere, The Arcane Order and Soilwork, definitely not the worst references.

Icon In Me play modern thrash metal that remind strongly of bands like Machine Head, Fear Factory, Sepultura and sometimes even Slipknot. Icon In Me are more than just a copy, as their songs are brimming with ideas, with melodic and aggressive parts balancing each other. The verses are most of the time brutal, at times verging on psychotic, to be contrasted by melodic, catchy choruses, delivered by strong vocals. The CD is produced powerfully, which furthermore emphasises the band’s strengths. This record is definitely an aural pleasure that should appeal to contemporary thrash purists. You should start by checking out That Day, That Sorrow, for which the band made a video clip, the weird Empty Hands and the massive The Worthless King.

Human Museum is a good debut, but despite strong songs, Icon In Me should try to find some distance from the aforementioned influences. Right now you can clearly discern the pure joy of playing, which should be a solid foundation for the future.

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