ICYCORE - Wetwired

Icycore - Wetwired

12 songs
68:07 minutes
***** **


During this time and age where sword and sorcery metal is living its second (or third or fourth...) Spring, it is somehow nice to discover progressive power metal bands whose song titles seem like taken from Bruce Sterling novels. Icycore from Italy write songs about the post-modern world we're living in, and their whole artwork takes well care that no one misunderstands their intentions, even the songs are numbered in binary, starting at 0000.

You shouldn't expect modern metal though, as their melodic approach at power metal is mostly traditional, with only the prominent keyboards and occasional samples hinting at a futuristic outlook. With songs frequently longer than six minutes, there's a lot of different parts to be discovered, in a way which demands a lot of attention from the audience to get into the music. In a way this is what progressive music is about, but where grandmasters like Dream Theater of Fates Warning finally enchant you with masterly compositions, Icycore don't have that special magic yet.

When it comes to guest appearances, you have Terence Holler from fellow Italians Eldritch who's doing addition vocals on Chrome, while both bands share the same bass player. It may not be totally fair, but also not exactly wrong, to accuse Icycore to sound a lot like their more experienced mentor. But, if also needs to be mentioned that Wetwired is already a very mature prog metal album, which may be a bit long at times, but worth a challenge for friends of the genre.

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