IF HOPE DIES - Life In Ruin

If Hope Dies - Life In Ruin

11 songs
36:43 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


If Hope Dies first appeared in the late 90s and Life In Ruin is already their fourth CD. So far I wasn't familiar with the band because all former records were released on quite small labels.

It's not too obvious what to write about Life In Ruin as it is just another metalcore album. If Hope Dies can be found among the better bands of that genre, but they follow a movement which has lately become too trendy and I'm probably not the only one who's overfed with that music.

The opener Burned Out is very traditional aggressive metal core, but on the following Anthem For The Unemployable, you perceive that they like to combine their brutality with melodic passages. This of course makes the songs more interesting, but the procedure isn't new. The recipe behind Life In Ruin is the variation between brutal mosh tracks (5 songs) and much more sensitive tracks (6 songs). Writing much about the brutality songs is a bit superfluous, but some of the melodic ones (The Ultimate Nullifier, Marked For Death, Nuked From Orbit) show uncommon breaks and are my personal highlights on the record.

Even if the album contains some pearls, the global impression left by If Hope Dies is just too traditional and I can't really find a reason why you should prefer If Hope Dies to other metal core bands.

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