IGNITOR - Road Of Bones

Ignitor - Road Of Bones

11 songs
52:50 minutes
***** ****
Cruz Del Sur


A friend of mine calls this kind of heavy metal manikin music. It’s the kind of stuff where there are skulls and medieval people and fire and brimstone on the cover, the band is all clad in black leather, and the songs bear martial titles. Normally I also can only smile at such artists, but Ignitor from Texas have won me over with their truer than true approach to their Eighties styled heavy metal. Founded by vocalist Erika (who is as old as I am but looks a whole lot better!) and joined guitarists Annah Moore and former Agony Column shredder Stuart Laurence (whose first ever show was Minor Threat… well I saw Rorschach and Born Against – and who admits to loving Spongebob), they have that peculiar sense of humour that so many metal bands lack these days. Ok, when you’re over thirty, have seen it all, and are still doing it, you have to have acquired a certain ironic distance. This is most clear with their German sung Reinheitsgebot, a love declaration to beer (I love women who love beer), metal and Germany. Apart from that track which ends the album, there are an intro and nine more classic heavy metal tracks that are as close to perfect as this genre allows. The guitars are shredding like hell and know every trick of the trade: cool solos, crunchy rhythms, great harmonies, everything a band that’s inspired by the likes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest has to offer. The rhythm section takes care that the whole thing sounds heavy all the time, and Erika? If there was ever a metal siren, it would be her. She screams her way through the songs with a vigour that’s incredible. And she’s never missing a tone, you notice that a real singer is at work here. If our local metal heroes Ophidian were less progressive and more Eighties, they could sound the same. Every true metal fan who cherishes this Eighties possessions can’t make anything wrong by purchasing this album.

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