I KNEW IT: HURRAY! - New Hits: Hurray!

I Knew It: Hurray! - New Hits: Hurray!

13 songs
29:29 minutes
***** **


Apart from being a historical city and a shopping magnet for Luxembourgers, Trier also has a rather vast punk scene. I Knew It: Hurray! Feel at first glance like belonging to that community, but further inquiries reveal that they are long out of their teens (with one or more members already more than thirty years old) and anyway sound too complex for that kind of music. New Hits: Hurray! is a regular CD hiding inside a ten-inch vinyl cover. The thirteen songs entertain for half an hour with punk rock as it was popular in Northern Germany since the Nineties: Dackelblut, Oma Hans, etc. As Trier is not Hamburg, IKIH never sound as earnest and gloomy, and especially bassist Katrin’s backing vocals add a sunny flavour. She also does lead vocals on The Last which, without the rhythm section providing steam, feels too mellow, and Xenie, starting like a ballad before steering into punk rock territory. Vocalist Christian puts on an emotionally charged performance, fitting perfectly into the band’s hard to categorise style, with elements from punk to rock, from emo to indie, from noise to punk,… The album contains mostly good songs, but the opener Zugegeben es ist, with its philosophical undertone (“In Vino Veritas” proving the band’s from a wine region), and the closer Out Of Limits… with its catchy chorus and fluid keyboard lines bookend the CD with two highlights.

Recorded on a 16-track tape machine, New Hits: Hurray! has a certain abrasive quality that makes the album sound like something from the DIY Nineties. This was probably intended and adds to the charm of a debut album which without ever being overly original still entertains with half an hour of quality indie punk rock far away from trendy movements.

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