Ikuinen Kaamos - Closure

3 songs
27:51 minutes
***** ****
Maddening Media


Maddening Media is still a rather small metal label, but they released already quite a few astounding records by bands like Le Grand Guignol, Abstract Rapture, Uninvited Guest and Carach Angren in the past. Their newest release by Finnish band Ikuinen Kaamos fits right in, as their music is just as complex as their band name.

Originally Ikuinen Kaamos were founded in 1997 as a pure black metal band, which can still somewhat be heard on their new tracks. But there has been a considerable development in the last ten years. Their meanwhile quite varied sound contains progressive, melancholic, atmospheric and of course unrelentlessly brutal elements. After four self-released records and a longplayer, Ikuinen Kaamos are now back with their sixth offering Closure, which was at first intended to become another longplayer called Epilogue, but due to differences with their old label, they decided to start anew with a generous half hour EP that sees them with a new vocalist.

As I am not familiar with their predecessor The Forlorn, I can’t make any comparisons. But that’s not necessary anyway, as the material on Closure convinces throughout. The three features tracks are all between six and twelve minutes long and offer something rare which can only be described as progressive. The guitars craft wonderful harmonies, but also deliver enough heavy riffs, furthermore constantly surprise with utterly complex structures. The same goes for the vocals where the raw parts fit in perfectly with the clean ones. The mood also changes ceaselessly, tearing the listener from aggressive over gloomy to furious parts. A few acoustic passages can also be located on Closure.

In the end, it’s a little sad that the EP is over already after three tracks. I haven’t tired of Ikuinen Kaamos after this half hour and am already waiting keenly for their forthcoming longplayer scheduled this Autumn. This EP meanwhile can be downloaded for free on their label’s homepage. Metal fans who skip this one can’t be helped anymore.

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