Ikuinen Kaamos - Fall Of Icons

5 songs
54:15 minutes
***** ****
Maddening Media


Fall Of Icons is the second album by Finnish progressive black metal band Ikuinen Kaamos. Their fans had to be patient, as their debut The Forlorn came out already back in 2006. In between the three track EP The Closure helped to bridge the time. Their current CD contains five new song that are between eight and seventeen minutes long.

Like in the past, it is not easy to describe Ikuinen Kaamos’ music adequately. The high number of instrumental parts is striking. The black metal roots are still present, but don’t play such an important anymore as in the band’s early days. Progressive and emotional components have been added and help do make for a high-contrast program. There are still occasional screaming guitars, evil blast beat parts and evil growls, but the melodic and playful guitar work has taken over, surprising in their virtuosity. The acoustic guitar also has cemented its position, which would have been inconceivable in the band’s past. It’s hard to come up with comparisons, maybe Paradise Lost, Anathema and Opeth will do, but Ikuinen Kaamos actually do their own thing, sounding anything but a clone.

Friends of ambitious metal full of perfectly balanced atmospheric, emotional and angry elements will be at the right address here. The five musicians have created an extremely suspenseful album that catches the listener’s attention, making them discover new details every time around. Albums like Fall Of Icons are the best proof that metal can still sound vital nowadays.

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