ILL DISPOSED - 1-800 Vindication

Ill Disposed - 1-800 Vindication

12 songs
43:21 minutes
***** ****


Next to Artillery and King Diamond, we can count Ill Disposed among the veterans of the Danish metal scene. Especially in all things death metal, they are the undisputed leaders in their country. The quintet from Aarhus was founded in 1991 and has released already nine longplayers, three demos, two singles, two compilations and a DVD. Lately they have been signed by Massacre Records who have now re-released two albums that originally came out on Roadrunner Records.

The first of these reissues is 1-800 Vindication, originally seeing the light of day in 2004. The cover artwork is pleasantly disgusting and could be taken right out of a movie from the Saw franchise. There are two bonus tracks, both recorded live but not really essential from a quality point of view, even if one of them is more humorous and sung in German. Back then, Ill Disposed were already well known with their records Retro (2000) and Kokaiinum (2001), but I never set myself apart with them. The material featured on 1-800 Vindication shows the band from their considerably matured side. The production is tremendous, helping to get the most out of the songs. Ill Disposed don’t limit themselves on pure death metal, but like to borrow ingredients from metalcore, nu metal and thrash metal. A special highlight are the choruses which have not only turned out catchy as hell, but are also full of electronic wizardry reminding of Fear Factory. The vocals also switch skilfully between growls and clear delivery.

I have to admit that I never thought Ill Disposed capable of such a great performance. The original version of the album was only thirty-six minutes long, so that the bonus tracks add to the running time but are not really essential. Ill Disposed show themselves from their best side on 1-800 Vindication, making this a must-have for extreme metal fans!

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