ILL DISPOSED - Burn Me Wicked

Ill Disposed - Burn Me Wicked

13 songs
50:41 minutes
***** ***


After re-releasing the excellent 1-800 Vindication from 2004, Massacre Records decided to have also a take at the successor of Danish metal band Ill Disposed. Burn Me Wicked originally saw the light of day in 2006, courtesy of Roadrunner Records. The cover artwork is aesthetically appealing, and the music is once again very tasteful, even if Ill Disposed can’t quite reach the level of their predecessor.

It’s a well known fact that Ill Disposed like to change from album to album, but the differences to their previous record is quite astonishing. The bands is presenting itself much tougher than before, and you will look in vain for electronic gadgetries. The foundation is solid death metal, the vocals switch expertly between piercing screams and evil growls, which gives the music a certain black metal touch. There are even a few clean vocals, which is most notable on Nothing To Fear… Do It, one of the CD’s highlights. The pace also varies considerably, going from quick blast-beats over mid-tempo to dragging doom parts, sometimes embellished by fantastic guitar solos. Towards the end, there is even a more light-hearted moment with the funny Illdispunk’d, sung partly in English, German and Danish. Thanks to its punk attitude, this stands out as a very entertaining track. The regular program is followed by two live bonus tracks that don’t really add much anymore.

Those who own the original CD don’t really need this re-release. If you only happen to know Ill Disposed recently, this new version is a nice way to complete your collection, even if it doesn’t come cheaper than the original one. Burn Me Wicked is still an impeccable and open-minded death metal record that shows why Ill Disposed have such a good reputation.

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