ILL DISPOSED - To Those Who Walk Behind Us

Ill Disposed - To Those Who Walk Behind Us

11 songs
44:32 minutes
***** ***


Lately there has been a regular flood of releases concerning Ill Disposed. Apart from two re-releases originally published by Roadrunner Records in 2004 and 2006, the Danish metal band is now also back with their newest output To Those Who Walk Behind Us. Not bad, considering that their latest studio album The Prestige was released by AFM Records in 2009. Switching labels seems to be one of Ill Disposed’s favourite pastimes.

On the new record, the band is behaving in a rather rough and unpolished way, but Ill Disposed make it hard to be categorised under one specific genre, which is one of the strengths of To Those Who Walk Behind Us. The band actually never plays at too brisk a pace, but the album is nevertheless bursting with brutality. Moreover most tracks display a dark disposition, sometimes even verging on doom metal, especially on My Number Is Expired and Seeking Truth, Telling Lies which both seem to torture themselves through sluggish slowness. The deep tuned guitars and the sometimes desperate sounding vocals help to emphasise this mood. This is contrasted by a humorous facet. Johnny is a metallic violation of the Fine Young Cannibals classic, and the concluding Nu Gig Det Lige Sa Godt is brimming with playing fun.

To Those Who Walk Behind Us isn’t the band’s strongest album, but it can find right behind their milestone 1-800 Vindicator and the splendid tribute disc Retro a strong third place, which isn’t too bad for an eleventh release. It’s impossible to overhear the band’s collected experience which allows Ill Disposed to remain a vital force in the death metal world. Even if purists may have their problems, open-minded extreme metal fans should be excited by this record.

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