Ill Spirits - Not Ice Age

4 songs
9:05 minutes
***** ***
(self released)


There is precious little info to be found about Ill Spirits on the Internet, and the promo CD I got didn’t clarify things either. So here’s what I can tell you: Ill Spirits are a female fronted punk band from Trollhättan, a medium sized Swedish town which lies close to Norway and houses the Saab automobile headquarters. The band has no photos posted yet, and only joined Facebook on May 19th. One day later, they released their EP Not Ice Age on Bandcamp, which you can buy for any price you like.

The four tracks featured on this short record are all quite short, never once breaking the three minute threshold. And if the opener and title track might make you guess during its first seventeen seconds that this will be a rather tame affair, we are soon taught better. The next two minutes offer crunchy punk rock strongly rooted in the early Eighties, feeling somewhat like a more straightforward version of the Dead Kennedys. The following The Three Vermin is the EP’s shortest track and doesn’t even make it to two minutes. Once again the pattern is repeated: the production is very low value, but thanks to the rather clear mix (where only the bass guitar might have a bit more volume), it still sounds very pleasant in its lo-fi punk way. The guitar is distorted, but not too much, thus giving the whole sound a very authentic sound. The last two tracks may not add much change, but as all of the songs come with simple yet terrific songwriting, this is no drawback whatsoever. The song titled Ill Spirits is a fast paced punk rocker where the verse as well as the chorus convince mightily. The concluding Sleep Obey Consume is a classic punk hymn that leaves you wanting for more.

I assume that Ill Spirits are still a rather new band, but they certainly have left an impression with their EP Not Ice Age. Micha’s melodic and slightly haunting vocals are excellent and perfectly fit the band’s gnarly punk sound. If these guys have more such cool songs hidden up their sleeves, I am already looking forward to their future. And now go visit their homepage and give them a couple of euros for their effort.

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