IMAGERY - Imagery

Imagery - Imagery

2 songs
11:17 minutes
***** ***


Although located in far away South America, Brazil has had a fertile music scene, starting in the late Sixties with psychedelic rock pioneers Os Mutantes. The Eighties saw this big country also develop an important metal scene, and although few people took Sepultura seriously early on in their career, they were proven wrong. Progressive metal didn’t wait long to surface, with Angra proving that they are just as good as their counterparts in musically more recognised places like Europe and North America.

Imagery only started in 2008, but the four-piece consists of seasoned musicians, and it shows on their first demo. Although this self-titled debut contains only two songs, they leave you wanting for more, much more. The opener Fourth Secret is an instrumental five minute track that combines high quality progressive metal with a strong fusion jazz tendency, but Seventies prog legends have also left their traces. The following title track is a six minute long vocal track and sounds somewhat more modern, but still manages not to come across as something played by just another band jumping on the generic prog metal bandwagon.

The quartet is currently working on its debut album which is scheduled to be released in early 2011, but until then, you should check out their homepage where you can download this promising demo free of charge. The instrumentation is perfect, leaving the guitar enough room to alternate between sizzling metal riffs and playful soloing, while the keyboarder seems to have a great time showing off his different sounds. The bassist also does more than what you normally get in your everyday metal band, and is backed by a drummer who knows how to construct an intense rhythm. The vocals can’t yet keep up with the intense instrumentation, but then this is only a demo with modest although good production values. I am already looking forward to what Imagery will surprise us with next year.

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