IMMORTAL RITES - Art Of Devolution

Immortal Rites - Art Of Devolution

10 songs
42:31 minutes
***** ***


My very first impression of Immortal Rites' debut album Art Of Devolution was the rather not so good sound quality. If it now happened that we were in the presence of only a mediocre band, I'd probably dismiss this CD rather quickly, but as things are, Immortal Rites play an impressive kind of ultrafast yet melodic death metal. Often compared to the Swedish school, these young South Germans come across more fiercely than the Northern competition, and to make things interesting also for the collector, they have two well known artists delivering guest vocals. Theatre Of Tragedy's Liv Kristine adds a nice touch to Mirror Reflections, while United Scars Anthem, probably the highlight of the album, is co-sung by Atrocity's Alex Krull who's also responsible for the production (maybe by helping out on vocals, he tried to make things good again).

What is astonishing about Art Of Devolution is the technical skills of the musicians. The fast guitar riffs are absolutely mind-bending, while the hyperspeed drumming leaves me speechless at times. Also the mature songwriting (consider the band's average age of 24 years) makes Immortal Rites one of the most, if not the most promising death metal band from Germany. If you want to support the underground and are in search of a really interesting new band, I suggest you spend your money on these 42 minutes of devastating melodeath metal.

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