I’M NOT A BAND - Electrolin

I’m Not A Band - Electrolin

6 songs
22:08 minutes
***** **


Are two people already a band? According to this Leipzig based duo, apparently not! Composed of classical trained musician Stephan Jung and Jana Damm (who only joined this year), I’m Not A Band are not just another electro project. On the surface, they may sound like typical bedroom recording artists, but once you dig deeper, you will discover more. Their new EP Electrolin features six songs that combine electro pop with violin sounds, and although this approach may remind of French musician Le Chapelier Fou, I’m Not A Band’s music has a more accessible feeling.

Starting with Trainthoughts, the only track running longer than four minutes, we get a pretty impression full of 8-bit sounds, a violin that makes for an orchestral touch and shared male and female vocals. The following In The Sun is an acoustic guitar driven upbeat pop song, again with mixed vocals, but also scratchy synth sounds that give the song its identity. See Her, See Him is less experimental, although the bubbly synths happen to please, but overall this is a more trivial effort. But don’t worry, because the instrumental title track is a punching modern electro song with deep basses contrasted by the sweet violin. Don’t Fxxx With Me continues in that vein, although this is a vocal track. The concluding Distrust is a mellower track that pales somehow compared to the two preceding songs.

Four out of six is not too bad for a newcomer band, although I’m Not A Band should work on their strengths and get rid of their simpler pop material. In a musical landscpe where often you have either rock band or electro artists, it’s nice to have experimentalists who combine the best of both worlds. These guys are definitely worth checking out for everyone interested in electronica that is crossing the borders.

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