Impellitteri - System X

10 songs
40:58 minutes
***** **
Steamhammer / SPV


I remember the name Chris Impellitteri from the mid-Eighties, when he shortly came to some success in the wake of the guitar hero school. I was quite surprised to find this new album in the mail, especially since Graham Bonnett (ex-Rainbow, ex-Alcatrazz) is responsible for the vocals. The last time these two worked together has been 14 years ago on Impellitteri's Stand In Line album.

Some people say that Impellitteri is the World's fasted guitar player. That's something hard to prove, but it is a fact that the guitar sounds a lot heavier, crunchier than on most so-called guitar albums. Graham Bonnet, although well into his Fifties, still has a very powerful voice. The modern production puts the material on System X somewhere between classical hard rock of the 70ies and the heavier sounds of the new millennium.

I don't pretend this to be a flawless album. Where music and vocals are done in a totally professional and convincing way, it's the lyrics where I get a really bad stomach ache. If you have the time to pay a visit to Impellitteri's website, just read the infantile, patriotic balderdash of United We Stand. Especially a lot of shame on Graham Bonnett, an Englishman, to sing such nationalistic nonsense lines. 8 points for the music minus 1 political penalty equals 7 points.

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