IMPENDING DOOM - Beyond The Altar Of Obscurity

Impending Doom - Beyond The Altar Of Obscurity

28 songs
131:28 minutes
***** *
Voice Of Life


How do you write a review for a retrospective compilation of a black metal band that never really was that famous and now, to end its existence, releases a double album with all kinds of albums excerpts, rehearsal room recordings, live cuts (some of which in really dubious quality) and a couple of truly entertaining cover versions of original material by Morbid Angel, Celtic Frost, Slayer and Darkthrone?

After this rather long sentence, I don't know what else to say about this compilation. Does it make sense? In a way, yes, because why should only established bands have the right to release their rare material. Impending Doom may never have been a very famous band (most bands are not anyway), but the two-plus hours of brutality show that their combination of black and death metal, always with a hint of melody, still works years later. OK, the quality is kind of uneven, and great stuff like the more symphonic Dracul's Passion By The Light Of The Full Moon and Hellhammer is counterweighted by some not so appealing lo-fi sounding live cuts, but all in all this is a very listenable experience, mostly because their regular albums seem to be out of print. This is by no means essential stuff, but collectors will like the different stages of evolutions they can detect here.

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