IMPERIA - Queen Of Light

Imperia - Queen Of Light

13 songs
67:51 minutes
***** ***


If one band is a fine example for the European spirit, then it’s doubtlessly Imperia. The five musicians call Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Belgium their native countries. The best known member of Imperia is Helena Michaelsen who used to be the front lady of Trail Of Tears. And she really must have been eager to be back in business as she gave birth to a daughter only in September 2006. Both bands are close to the gothic metal genre, but Imperia show stronger tendencies towards epic and dramatic elements.

Their second album Queen Of Light immediately underlines Imperia’s love for orchestral arrangements with the opener Mirror, a classic symphonic metal track with many dramatic parts. Fly Like The Wind puts more emphasis to epic metal and operatic vocals. Helena Michaelsen can use her voice in many different ways, and the Celtic influenced ballad Broken Wings is another challenge that she masters well. Braveheart contains nearly everything from hectic to sad moments and siren chants. Facing Reality has a stronger pop appeal and Norway surprises with angry male growls. The album takes strange turns with the Italian-opera-like Abyssum, The Birth Of… sounding like a monumental movie soundtrack and Fata Morgana which is a meeting of metal and oriental music.

You can say that Queen Of Light is no unusual album as female singers aren’t a novelty in gothic and symphonic metal music. But I couldn’t name you any other band putting as many ideas and passion into their music as Imperia are doing.

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