IMPERIA - Secret Passion

Imperia - Secret Passion

13 songs
60:36 minutes
***** **


Secret Passion is the third album from Imperia, a band which is spreading the European spirit as hardly any other, with musicians coming from Finland, Norway, Germany and Belgium. The band shed two members since their previous record Queen Of Light on which they still acted as a sextet. Focal point is naturally still vocalist Helena Michaelsen who came to fame with Trail Of Tears.

With two people less in the band, Imperia do without the second guitarist, and hired the services of a guest musician for the keyboard parts. The album begins with the strong opener Touch Of Your Hand, a masterpiece in all things symphonic metal that instantly recalls the band’s old strengths. They remind both musically and vocally of Nightwish and Sirenia, but it would be unfair to dismiss them as a simple copy. The dark and emotional title track shows the band from a hitherto unknown side which also works well for them. Unfortunately some tracks suffer from the lack of a second guitar and could have turned out harder. Other tracks don’t have the same class as we have been used from Imperia. Fragile sound too synthetic, Out Of Sight is too pop, and Let Down is an expendable ballad. Of course there are also a lot of bright moments that are too numerous to be mentioned, but all in all I would have expected more from Imperia. Towards the end of the album there are two surprises. Missing It All is a piano ballad with male vocals, and My Sleeping Angel, the bonus track on the digipack edition, is some kind of club hit with electronic beats. I have heard better in this specific genre, but it’s still a nice diversion.

Quiet moments probably are an integral part of the symphonic metal genre, but I just like the grandiose better. Despite the fact that I would have liked Secret Passion to be a little livelier, I still have to admit that Imperia once again acted very professionally and will have no problem convincing their target audience of their qualities.

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