IMPIETY - Dominator

Impiety - Dominator

5 songs
15:25 minutes
***** ***


Imagine a country about a quarter of the size of Luxembourg, but with ten times more people living there! And we think we are getting overcrowded here because of morning traffic jams! Singapore may be a small country only, but that doesn’t prevent them from having an impressive metal scene. One of their most important bands is Impiety who were founded already in 1990 and can look back upon an impressive discography. After a retrospective double CD compilation, their native label Pulverised releases a new sign of life from these black metal veterans. Their new EP Dominator contains an intro, three regular songs and a cover version of an ancient track by Brazilian extreme metal pioneers Sarcofago. This shows already where the roots of Impiety lie. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this is early Sodom teaming up with Hellhammer on speed. The production is of course not as amateurish as back in the Eighties, but they keep a certain rough edge that sets them apart from high tech black metal bands.

Everything is frighteningly primitive on this album, but the band’s unshakable faith in what they do is what makes this EP a winner. Especially their rendition of Sarcofago’s The Black Vomit is a masterpiece of how to combine crust punk with black metal.

Don’t underestimate Impiety though. They may sound primitive, but they master their instruments and know how to filter greatness from simplicity. Dominator is a masterpiece of old school revivalism that after a quarter hour definitely leaves you wanting for more.

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