IMPIOUS - Hellucinate

Impious - Hellucinate

10 songs
39:05 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


Slayer and Exhorder were possibly the first to combine the driving groove of thrash metal with the devastating brutality of death metal, but it wasn't really called death thrash until The Haunted and The Crown made the genre what it is today: a popular hybrid that has found a nice of its own. This explains why it is no surprise that especially from Sweden, we get likewise bands in the dozens. To call Impious just another follower would be more than unfair, first of all because the band was founded already ten years ago, before the current boom, and second because they released already four albums on Black Sun and Hammerheart before they signed to Metal Blade.

Hellucinate becomes thus a routined price of death thrash, with a band knowing every trick of the trade, and that's the strength and weakness of the album. Strength, because it's really a more than well done album, with a stone solid production, cosily warm guitars and a steady rhythm leaving no prisoners in its wake. Weakness, because there is as good as no originality on the album, except the overlong closer Suicide Park, showing unfortunately that Impious are at their best when they don't try new paths.

So this is certainly no must-have album, but thrash fans can't make anything wrong by buying this fifth album with the really very silly cover photograph… I guess that has to be mentioned too.

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