IMPIOUS - Holy Murder Masquerade

Impious - Holy Murder Masquerade

11 songs
37:32 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Impious may never have been among the better known acts in Swedish death metal, but no one can accuse them of riding the bandwagon. In fact the band was founded already more than ten years ago, and Holy Murder Masquerade is already their sixth album. A little more than two years ago, they released Hellucinate, their debut on Metal Blade, which imprinted itself in my memory mostly due to its very silly cover artwork.

This time the cover is more discreet, maybe even a bit too dark, making it hard to decipher, but therefore the inside comes with a very original notion. Instead of just printing the lyrics, they come in the form of an artistically fine rendered comic strip, thus leading the listener through the journey of a serial killer, which means that Holy Murder Masquerade is a concept album (and maybe also that metalheads only care to read comic strips?... No, just kidding of course, because this is really an original concept).

But apart from the concept, Impious are of course also masters of melodic Scandinavian death metal, adding tasty thrash metal elements, bringing them at times even in the vicinity of metalcore music, although that seems to be a very natural development, as Impious have been playing this field for far longer than the term metalcore even existed. Holy Murder Masquerade has been recorded in their guitarist's studio, but it sounds anything but a home recording. Rarely melodic death metal has sound more powerful. Of course it will be difficult, maybe even impossible, for Impious to get out of the shadow of their better known contemporaries like The Crown or The Haunted, but their versatile death thrash combination deserves the attention of every fan of extreme metal music. Not yet a milestone of its genre, but certainly a worthy addition to every well sorted collection.

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