IMPURE - Corpses... Intense Stench

Impure - Corpses... Intense Stench

8 songs
23:47 minutes


Impure from Bilbao, Spain have been around already since the late Nineties, although Corpses... Intense Stench is their first long player, with a running time of not even half an hour hardly that long though.

The eight songs featured on this debut are without an exception fast paced death metal, with ultra-gurgling vocals and some inspiration taken from the grind core genre. While the band is technically flawless, the song writing can't seem to catch my attention yet. Not that there are no ideas, but the somewhat undifferentiated production and the ever blasting triggered double bass drums make it hard to discern the finesse which is certainly there, but really hard to find.

Abducted & Absorbed and Psycho/Skinner are two of the more memorable songs, furthermore there is a disturbing video-clip to the song Sexual Eschatology with faked necrophilia… for those of you who like that kind of stuff.

If you are into American west coast styled death metal (Deeds Of Flesh, Dying Fetus), you might well get some fun out of Impure. It's wild, it's fast, and with a better production, you could even appreciate the technical versatility.

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