IN AETERNUM - Curse Of Devastation

In Aeternum - Curse Of Devastation

4 songs
16:47 minutes
***** ***


In Aeternum are among the veterans of Sweden’s black and death metal scene. They started already as Behemoth in 1992, but changed their name two years later and released myriads of CDs, EPs, singles, tapes and compilation tracks. Their four track EP Curse Of Devastation is their first release on Pulverised Records.

The main ingredient on their new CD is melodic black metal reminding of Swedish bands like Dissection and Naglfar. The opener Curse Of Devastation is especially raw, with the vocals sounding a little like Cronos from Venom. Consume is ultrafast black metal with a few atmospheric parts not unlike Bathory. New World Field and the newly recorded classic Reaper In Black are two brilliant tracks that oscillate between extremely brutal and epic, majestic parts.

There is nothing fundamentally new on the EP, but that’s no reason to dismiss In Aeternum. The mature songwriting mirrors that band’s experience, and the competent production has been in the hands of Tommy Tägtren and Dan Swanö. Those who want to take part in an anti-Christian crusade should absolutely get a copy of Curse Of Devastation.

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