IN BATTLE - Welcome To The Battlefield

In Battle - Welcome To The Battlefield

11 songs
42:23 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


I have a vague memory of the name In Battle, but considering that it took them six years to finish their third album, we just might consider Welcome To The Battlefield as a kind of debut. In Battle have their roots in the black metal movement, but since then they have involved into a more contemporary death thrash direction, making this comeback album a veritable treat.

Some parts of the album were recorded in Tampa, Florida under the watchful eyes of Erik Rutan. This guarantees a perfect production, but also enables the band to combine the more melodic European-brand death metal with the more technical side of American East Coast metal. Most of the songs are kept at a considerably fast pace, giving the guitars nevertheless more than average space to fill with strangely melodic leads.

In the end, Welcome To The Battlefield is not necessarily groundbreaking, but by positioning themselves between Amon Amarth and Morbid Angel, they found a rather isolated space, adding originality to talent. Apart from the mighty opener Shunned By Life and the longer Eld Jättar, there are no songs that you will instantly remember, but then there is such a high technical level combined with the will to create aggressive music that even repeated listening will make you discover new elements. This is a solid 9 points album which is recommended for every death metal fan, with the warning that you should not let yourself be deterred by they really bad cover artwork.

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