INBORN - Chef d’Oeuvre

Inborn - Chef d’Oeuvre

9 songs
38:11 minutes
***** ****
The Finest Noise


Two years after their promising debut, local noise rockers Inborn are back with a new album, modestly titled Chef d’Oeuvre. And why not? Where most bands try to emulate some fashionable sound, with the hope to attract as many supporters as possible, Inborn are one of the few creative bands that add every imaginable ingredient to their music, from hard rock to hardcore, from psychedelic to progressive, from crunchy retro to post-modern antics, and still manage to come out with a very homogenous album that may be twenty-five minutes shorter than their debut (where the high ambitions couldn’t always be met), but overwhelms the listener with a wall of sound that is rather unusual for Luxembourg.

In fact Inborn recorded at the Kulturfabrik this time, combining the location’s hardcore punk history with their own multicoloured background. Apart from the short electronic experiment Sibyl Vane’s Monochromatic Design, the album is in fact less experimental than their debut. No myriads of guest performers this time, no didgeridoo trying to add an ethno touch. This is Inborn pure! There are actually no songs that especially stand out as the short forty minutes are all on an equally high level.

So what is this? Psychedelic stoner rock, progressive math grunge,…? Inborn’s music is begging the music critic to invent new terms, and that’s good! This is excellent dark psychedelic noise rock music, and while the energy is captured very efficiently on CD, Inborn have always been and will remain an even better live band. Chef d’Oeuvre is still one of the local release highlights of the year and should be heard by people of as many different musical persuasions as possible!

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