Inborn Suffering - Wordless Hope

8 songs
63:55 minutes
***** ****
Sound Riot


France has been a kind of no man's land for many years when it came to heavy metal. But recently DisAgreement Online received from our Southern neighbour a large number of metal albums which are worth mentioning. No exception should be made for Inborn Suffering who have released a strong doom album called Wordless Hope. I was surprised to hear that it was only the band's debut work.

It's quite unusual to start an album with the longest track, especially when it's running for eleven and a half minutes. This Is Who We Are is a masterpiece of doom, death and black metal. The vocals are either spoken or sounding as deep as coming from a crypt. The next song Inborn Suffering is darkest possible doom with an early Celtic Frost touch. Monolith contains some faster black metal attacks, but in general, it's a calm and dark song inspired by some Bathory works. The Agony Within is, thanks to the use of violins and pianos, the album's most emotional and dramatic track. As I Close My Eyes is a sad and doleful track close to Celtic Frost's Mesmerized. Stygian Darkness is again a track based on spoken vocals that make your skin shiver. My personal highlight is the nearly eleven minute long Thorn Of Deceit. A female guest singer is doing an extraordinary job bringing this milestone close to The Gathering's most epic works. Finally the album comes to an end with a piano outro.

It's impressive how Inborn Suffering have been able to create a debut full of darkness, melancholy, sadness and mystery. Fans of Anathema, early Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and The Gathering at Mandylion times should give these skilled musicians a chance.

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