INCAPACITY - 9th Order Extinct

Incapacity - 9th Order Extinct

10 songs
40:21 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Sweden thrashers Incapacity emphasise strongly that they are not an all-star band, despite the fact that the musicians used to play in bands like Solar Dawn, Torchbearer, Marduk, Skitsystem, Great Deceiver, Edge Of Sanity and Pan-Thy-Monium, the latter most probably my all-time favourite black metal band ever! With such references, it is obvious that you want to expect something very special, and what you read on the paper sounds less interesting (old school death metal meets new school thrash) than what is finally delivered. It seems as if Incapacity put a lot of effort into creating an album as diverse as possible without ever making it a patchwork of non-fitting styles. The opener Wide Of The Mark is for instance a non-compromising grindcore bomb not even running for one minute, before Grand Future Disease surprises with guitar harmonies that can only be delivered by Skoog, former PTM six-stringer. File Under Torture is a longer sludgier piece, while Cross-Fixed is flirting with hyberspeed structures again. Another highlight is the final song Overdose On Purity which focuses on more epic emotions, adding maybe a bit of power metal into the otherwise purely aggressive death thrash blend. Of course Sweden is the major export country for dynamic thrash metal, and even if The Haunted and The Crown may have been the kings of that genre for small eternities, Incapacity (despite their unreadable black metallish logo) have found a niche of their own, combining as a matter of fact all the virtues of death and thrash metal, while remaining deep down original by adhering to the most different influences of their past bands. This one is strongly recommended for every follower of Scandinavian sounding thrash metal.

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