INFANTICIDE - Extinction Scheme

Infanticide - Extinction Scheme

23 songs
29:24 minutes
***** ***


A look at the back cover should give away the content to any well informed extreme music fan. Twenty-three songs with dark foreboding titles, all rattled down in under half an hour. Infanticide are a grind crust band from Sweden, and that’s exactly what they sound like. Starting with the half minute assault Attention Whore, they immediately set the pace for the rest of the album. Never actually taking the pedal from the metal, they are blasting through their Eighties tinged grindcore that combines elements from the pioneer days (early Napalm Death) with the more contemporary Scandinavian sound (Nasum, Rotten Sound).

Extinction Scheme is a solid grindcore album: perfectly produced and relentlessly performed at highest speeds. It never even tries to add those fashionable math moments that so many other bands have a go at. Instead Infanticide like it the old-school way, and although their lack of innovation prevents a higher rating, this is still an essential purchase for quality grind fans.

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