INFECT - This Is Death

Infect - This Is Death

3 songs
15:02 minutes
***** **


With a band name like that, you think immediately of some crusty punk band, so my surprise was rather big when I discovered this young local band at the Metal Battle competition where they offered their audience quite a muscular take at the genre. And because they know that a demo must be a good visiting card if you want to get any good concerts, they recorded their three songs in the Rockhal studio. Don’t expect anything too glossy now, because their producer left enough rawness in the sound to capture the special charm of this quartet.

Infect play a primitive – in the good sense of the word – kind of thrash metal that is fast, furious and straightforward. The rhythm section rumbles in an agreeably pushing beat while the guitars deliver razor sharp riffs. The aggressive vocals work better on CD than live, is my general impression. Occasional nods to death metal – the opener No Changes could have come from Desdemonia – add some interesting varieties and underline the overall brutality of the production.

After Abstract Rapture, Infect are one of the few bands from Luxembourg to venture into a heavy metal genre which has been shunned for a long time by youngsters who so often opt to play the more fashionable metalcore varieties. This Is Death offers a quarter hour of good, clean thrash metal fun that is at no moment original, but has enough charisma and goodwill to convince the listener that this is made by a band that really is into what they do. As of now, you can stream the entire demo on the band’s Myspace page.

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