INFERNAL EXECRATOR - Antichrist Execration

Infernal Execrator - Antichrist Execration

6 songs
23:58 minutes
***** **


It’s always something of a culture shock when you’re faced with a band from a country with whose music scenes you are hardly familiar with. Singapore has the image of a bee hive with a very civilised population dedicated to work. But stereotypes being what they are, reality is certainly much different, and what better way to illustrate this than by an extreme black metal band?

Infernal Execrator have been founded in 2005 and follow in the footsteps of their country’s pioneers Impiety whose track Sodomythical Frostgoats they cover on their debut EP. Infernal Execrator really hate religion, and it shows. Song titles like Massacre Of The Evangelists, Antichrist Execration and Final Blasphemy speak a clear language. All of this is underlined by very fast and primeval black metal with strong thrash metal undercurrents. In this they are not all that different from Impiety though.

Antichrist Execration offer twenty-four minutes of old-school extreme metal, and the three-piece’s straightforward approach is what makes this EP such fun to listen to. Don’t expect anything too subtle here, but this adequately produced record should find its target audience. The future will show if they are able to maintain this high level of entertainment also for the length of a full CD.

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