INFIDEL?/CASTRO - Case Studies In Bioentropy

Infidel?/Castro - Case Studies In Bioentropy

9 songs
44:43 minutes
***** ***

Music used to be something people listened to because they wanted to feel good, to forget the sorrows of daily life. But music can be so much more: it can make you wish you never had been born, induce the worst nightmares, and even prevent you from spending time alone in dark and spooky house. Which brings us to Infidel?/Castro, one of the weirder bands or projects I have encountered lately.

It wouldn't do them justice to say that they play music, because there are no songs in the conventional sense of the word on their album Case Studies In Bioentropy. An album title that fits the sounds on this CD very precisely. Bioentropy, or ever expanding chaos of life, that's what you imagine when you hear the severely distorted guitars, the arrhythmic drum programming and the samples taken from movies. What may sound like an amateurish effort to be industrial is in fact a well crafted soundtrack for life as it is, deeply haunted by irrational fears and unexplainable self-doubts. It is not a CD to make you feel good, it is perversely upsetting in a positive sense, like the goosebumps you get from listening to a Neurosis album, just colder, more clinical and industrial.

Infidel?/Castro is not for the fainthearted, and you need a sense of the experimental to get involved in Colin Marston's universe of traumatic sounds, but once you're in there, you will love and loathe the perfectly produced sounds which Case Studies In Bioentropy is revealing to you. It's not easy getting into it, but even harder to get out.

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