Infinite Horizon - Dominion

10 songs
52:34 minutes
Black Bards


Infinite Horizon from Germany label themselves a progressive metal band, but I doubted this already strongly on their previous CD Soul Reducer. Dominion doesn’t fare better, repeating the mistakes from the past.

Most of the time the band is playing Scandinavian styled melodic metal that never sounds harder than Bon Jovi. Occasionally heavier sounds creep into the music, but this is not enough to compensate the overall tame impression. 28 Days, which has been added as a video track, starts ok with a progressive orientation, but eventually can’t fulfil on its promises. Some pieces are ok, but offer never anything you wouldn’t have heard before. Most songs are just uninspired and/or unnecessarily long. The only exception is Living On The Edge, a power metal excursion that shows the Germans from their more creative side. Worst of all is the concluding Oblivion, grandly announced as a bonus track, but finally another static, lifeless performance which we could have done without.

Dominion is a rather weak album that makes it hard to give it your undivided attention. Infinite Horizon adhere strongly to recipes, resulting in something as interesting as painting by numbers. Hands off!

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