Infinite Horizon - Soul Reducer

9 songs
47:05 minutes
Black Bards


It’s been already about ten years since the inception of German band Infinite Horizon. I can’t say that I have noticed them before, even though Soul Reducer is already their fourth album. But I should learn soon enough that I didn’t miss out on much.

Infinite Horizon play a mix of melodic, progressive and power metal. This is also professed by a lot of other bands who go about it much more skilfully. Infinite Horizon seem to be one of the less talented bands in their genre. Their music sounds somehow outdated, and they hardly ever manage to catch my attention. One reason are their songs which average five and a half minute which feels too long as they are never able to get straight to the point. Yet there are also other aspects that disturb, like the grating keyboard sounds and the bored sounding vocalist. Burning Bridges for instance is AOR at its worst. The Thin Line is even worse, reminding of Bon Jovi and full of awful piano sequences. Under Bloodred Skies is a ballad that made my face turn green. Among their first eight tracks, there was not a single time where I was convinced, mostly due to a lack of pace. Astonishingly the album’s last piece The Dark Side Of The Sun is a mature composition with successful structuring, although the vocals still manage to tear it down. Actually that song is a cover version of Beyond Infinity, a band I have never heard of either.

If you like your metal not heavier than Axxis or Bon Jovi, you might still like what Infinite Horizon do. I am convinced that true metalheads want their music definitely more muscular.

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