INFRONT - Wordless

Infront - Wordless

8 songs
50:47 minutes
***** ***


There are two kinds of instrumental guitar albums. The first category includes guitar hero music that often only wants to show off the guitarist's technical abilities and thereby risks drowning in an ocean of egocentricity. Then there are the more progressive minded instrumental bands that may also put a lot of emphasis on guitars, but who in the first place create narrative songs that work just like normal vocal songs, just without the vocals.

Infront from Russia fortunately belong to the latter category. Their mostly long songs know how to please with two playfully interwoven guitars that are backed by a very warm rhythm section. At times they have this proggy Crimsonic touch, but for the most part they just their very own thing. Not that they are reinventing instrumental rock music, but their unselfconscious passage through the eight songs on the album just makes you want to like them. Although every single song has its own distinctive qualities, I need to point out the melancholic beauty of From Where The Wind Blows, with guitars that sound like from a spirited Robert Fripp, Autumn Velvet with a weird brass section that sounds like James Last doing prog, RUNNN which is not only written in capital letter but is also the album's most aggressive track, and finally the thirteen minute Chinese Butterfly that ends the album in a more serene mood.

Wordless is a classy instrumental prog rock album that never is complicated for its own sake, but uses its virtuosity in the context of the very accessible songwriting, and thus guarantees pleasant moments of intelligent music.

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