INHUMAN - Last Rites

Inhuman - Last Rites

11 songs
32:21 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


Six years ago, I first came across an Inhuman album. Two further CDs by the NYHC band were missed, and now they are back with a new output on I Scream Records. Inhuman feature two members of Agnostic Front: Joe James on guitar and Steve Gallo on drums.

Inhuman, formed in 1995, don’t play classic hardcore like Agnostic Front, but combine hardcore with metal and punk rock in order to create an aggressive, but diverse sound. Although not too original, the album’s rather short running time and good songwriting avoid boredom.

The album starts brutally with the psychotic and slightly emo sounding title track before it takes a welcome rock’n’rollish turn on the following Fash-ist. There is a lot of variety, with Inhuman reminding me of bands like Sick Of It All, Suicidal Tendencies, GWAR,…. Although there are no weak moment, the love song What You Want and the rather metallic The Lost might disturb classic hardcore fans.

Last Rites is a diverse album full of different emotions that should appeal to every tolerant fan of harder rock music. It’s admirable that Inhuman try not to sound like any other hardcore band and remain very open minded. I hope that their fans will appreciate this courageous step.

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