INMORIA - Invisible Wounds

Inmoria - Invisible Wounds

10 songs
44:17 minutes
***** ***


Although in principle a newcomer band, Inmoria’s their line-up is nearly identical with that of split-up Swedish power metal band Tad Morose. They were founded by keyboarder Dan Eriksson. Vocalist is Charles Rytkönen who also already played in Morgana Lefay. The band name has been inspired by the dark dwarf mines Moria from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy which is supposed to mirror the music’s mood.

Inmoria play rather hard and timeless power metal that should attract fans of Savatage, Nevermore and, of course, Tad Morose. The song structures are never too complicated and rather straightforward, and the band does without unnecessary intricacies. They switch skilfully between faster tracks and mid-tempo material, thus avoiding boredom to arise. I especially like the vocals that remind me of Jon Oliva, although they don’t quite reach that same high level. The band is also open for contemporary influences like nu metal, which is most obvious with the vocals, the keyboards and a few sampled parts. Towards the end, the album changes direction once again, so that The Other Side creates a certain Nightwish atmosphere thanks to its huge amount of drama. The concluding I Close My Eyes is an excellent successful mix of melodic metal and dreamy sounds.

In the end, Inmoria don’t offer anything substantially new on their debut, but they play their music in such an uncomplicated way that listening becomes instant fun. Maybe they should try to venture into unexplored paths in the future, but as a debut, Invisible Wounds is already quite a respectable feat.

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