Innersis - Demo CD

5 songs
24:27 minutes
***** **


The first thing you have to consider when you start listening to Innersis’ debut demo CD is that it is a demo after all. Having recorded everything by themselves probably in their rehearsing room, these local newcomers of course have a sound that can’t compete with more professional items, which is a shame, as their approach towards modern rock music is very refreshing in a Luxemburgish scene where most young bands seem to follow the metalcore movement and all of its offshoots.

Innersis’ music is hard to categorise. They combine elements of heavy metal and alternative rock into a modern sound that reminds me sometimes of Tool, minus their gloomy atmosphere. The guitars are crunchy and even sometimes hypnotic, the rhythm section is pounding the sound forward, and singer Luis at times excels with really good vocal lines, but then also sometimes drowns a bit in the mix, something which would certainly not have happened, had this been a professional recording.

Highlights include the opener Away From Me and the melodic My Rights with its melancholic chorus and matching oppressive lyrics. As this debut release is clearly marked as a demo, I will give them seven points and am convinced that we will hear definitely more from this promising young band in the future. Sound fetishist better catch them at one of their numerous live shows first, but those who want to hear a new band with potential should check Innersis out.

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