INNER WISH - Inner Strength

Inner Wish - Inner Strength

12 songs
55:21 minutes
***** *


Inner Wish are one of Greece's most popular melodic metal bands. Two years after Silent Faces, they now release their third CD which is a logical follow-up. Inner Wish play a kind of metal you can place between US metal bands like Riot, Rainbow and Jag Panzer and European melodic metal like Edguy, Majesty, Primal Fear, etc. From a technical point of view, you can't say much against the songs on Inner Strength. It's classic power metal with impressive choirs, extremely Iron Maiden like harmonic guitar lines and solos and a fat rhythm section. Especially the double bass drum leaves a very lasting impression. But after having listened to the entire record, you will hardly have discovered any highlights. Inner Wish's music isn't innovative or spectacular, only good, and nothing more. The songs suffer a bit from a lack of aggression. And especially the vocals could be tougher and less clean. Furthermore, two tracks on the album are just too mellow for my taste. The only exception on the record is the last song Gates Of Fire, the album's hardest track. It's running for almost nine minutes and shows how rich and diverse Inner Wish can be when they just want to. The album also includes a cover version of Q5's Lonely Lady.

Inner Wish may be popular and famous in Greece, but conquering the rest of Europe will be a harder job. Especially Germany and Sweden have a lot of more professional sounding melodic metal bands with a huge fan base. I just hope that Inner Wish's next album will be rougher and more powerful. The potential is there, so let's hope that Inner Wish know how to tap it.

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