INNER WISH - Silent Faces

Inner Wish - Silent Faces

10 songs
57:37 minutes
***** ***


Greece is a country that has the reputation to be a melodic power metal capital of Europe. Inner Wish at least are a band who can prove that thesis. The opener of their second CD Silent Faces is called Dancer Of The Storm and is a classic powerful metal song with a very melodic chorus. Inner Wish who were founded in 1995 cite bands like Jag Panzer and Riot among their influences. This comparison is not only right because there are similarities concerning the song writing between these bands, but Inner Wish take advantage from a well educated singer who's able to use his voice in higher and deeper ranges. Hold Me Tight, a song with hit potential, underlines the singer's capacities. Of course every power metal band also needs harder and faster tracks which you'll discover while listening to Midnight Call or Riding On The Wind. And another must are two epic hymns called Hold On and Set Me Free. Although I'm not the biggest fan of power metal, I wonder why I prefer Inner Wish to a lot of other bands which received worse reviews on this homepage. Maybe the secret behind their success is the rather simple and straight songwriting which doesn't let the music sound too pathetic. This is definitely a better classic metal album.

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