INTENSE - As Our Army Grows

Intense - As Our Army Grows

10 songs
57:05 minutes


Intense are a traditional and exchangeable melodic power metal band from England calling Iced Earth and Nevermore their major influences. It makes me wonder why people should listen to another power metal clone instead of choosing the originals.

The opener Anger Of The Ancients is a faster track followed by the midtempo song Mirror Shroud. Both are just too close to the sound known by Iced Earth which doesn’t make them too interesting. Sometimes they remind me a little of Fates Warning, but that’s not enough to save this mediocre recording which is also very repetitive. Even if the trilogy Chronicles Of The New Flesh, consisting of the last three tracks, adds a bit of variation, there’s still no innovation. I am especially aggravated by the second part which owes a lot to Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. My general impression is that the album is missing a serious amount of power and that the band name could not have been chosen in a more inadequate way. The instrumentation itself isn’t so bad and even the singer shows that there has been some education for his voice, but their songwriting is in desperate need of improvement.

As Our Army Grows, Intense’s second album, was produced and mastered by people who already worked with bands like Threshold, Evergrey, Jag Panzer and Kamelot. But it turns out to be nothing more than just another power metal album among many others with no proper value of recognition. Britain still has a long way to go if it wants to become again Europe’s Number One metal nation.

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