Interitus Dei - In Motion

11 songs
44:41 minutes
Black Bards


Romania is not exactly the first place you’re thinking of when it comes to heavy metal, and apart from Attila Dom who’s singing in the German metal band Powerwolf and Red Aim, I can’t come up with any other Romanian metalhead. Maybe this can be changed by Interitus Dei who were founded already in 1997 and have just released their fourth CD In Motion.

Interitus Dei don’t want to limit themselves to one musical genre and swing rather even-handedly between classic heavy metal and dark gothic rock. It is laudable that they don’t want constrain themselves, but unfortunately they rarely manage to combine the two styles harmonically. The musicians’ abilities are rather modest, and the songwriting lacks dynamic tension. The final product therefore often seems awkward and without direction, giving you the urge to give them a hand. The lyrics are also not too well elaborated, which is made worse by the clear diction of the vocalist.

Some songs are not that bad, like the totally retro Strained or the slowly evolving The Memories Of The Snake, other tracks feel helpless. Finally there is too little variety on the album. The final Hasta Siempre Comandante Che Guevera, sung in Spanish, is a nice gimmick, but other extras don’t really ignite. How can you call a song Arabia and not even insert one single Oriental touch?

Even if the CD is too some extent ok, I don’t feel like talking about hidden potential, because the band has already too many years on their shoulders. Interitus Dei will have a hard time winning new fans with this album, as the global level of heavy metal lies much higher.

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