Internal Suffering - Chaotic Matrix

11 songs
31:31 minutes
***** ***


I don't know what it is about South American death metal bands, but somehow they always sound a whole lot angrier than their North American or European counterparts. Internal Suffering's debut Supreme Knowledge Domain was already a most brutal Colombian death attack, unfortunately suffering from a mushy production, so it was no big surprise that I had forgotten about this four-piece already when I held their new CD Chaotic Matrix in my hand. This must have been good luck as I was able to listen unprejudiced to the 11 songs on the album.

Very decent cover artwork and an interesting Lovecraftian lyrical concept are reminiscent of ancient Morbid Angel days, but once you have come past the spoken work invocational intro, you'll be submerged in a bath of musical extremeness as you probably have never encountered before. Internal Suffering are playing so fast that the songs come close to being grind core. The band's incredible technical abilities on their instruments make this album not only interesting for fans of utterly extreme music, but maybe also for those interested in well played music.

A warning though: this is by far no easy listening music, but the more you concentrate on the songs, the better you will like them. The songs all use they same high speed rhythms though, so that the short playing time of only half an hour are in this case an advantage. 8 points to this must-buy for everyone who thinks that Cannibal Corpse have wimped out for a long time already.

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